Sporadic Reflections

14 April 2007

“Reflections”, by Walter Maxwell

At the Antenna Modeling presentation, WA1JXR mentioned that the
book "Reflections" by Walter Maxwell, W2DU was available on-line.
There are several sources of material from "Reflections".

For a very brief summary, you might want to start with the review [PDF]
on W8KEA's web site. (A very brief summary: High SWR is not so bad;
high SWR and coax is very bad.)

Walter Maxwell's site, Home of the Reflections Series contains
many chapters from the books. Apparently "Reflections 2" is out
of print and a new version "Reflections 3" is being prepared.

The ARRL has a collection of "Reflections" articles that appeared in QST.
They are available in the members-only section: Another Look at Reflections [PDF]
A related QST article by Steve Ford, WB8IMY is The SWR Obsession [PDF] is
not restricted to members-only.


10 April 2007

MOXON Antenna Project

Wow! I don't know how I missed this one for so long.
I have long been interested in M3KXZ, Pete Millis's experiments
with a vertical Moxon set up at the beach.

The MOXON Antenna Project site is chock full of design and
construction information and the experience of quite a number of hams.