Sporadic Reflections

15 September 2007


HamAVR -- a site containing a plethora of ham-related projects using the Atmel AVR processor.

13 September 2007

Station X

Gary, KF9CM is creating a replica of the rigs used at Station X at Bletchley Park.
Station X was the base station that communicated with SOE and French Resistance
agents who used Paraset suitcase radios. Gary describes the project here.

If you click on the key in this picture, you can see a blowup of the key that
Gary recently completed for the project.(In Safari, the picture is already expanded.)

Gary describes the key thusly:
"After fighting with the collectors on eBay trying to purchase a key for
my replica "Station X" I give up. So what is one to do?.....Build one.
So after googling patents for different straight key, I came up with a
design myself. I used all over the counter parts. The pivots on the
center block use the roller bearings out of an old hard drive. The
armature is made from 5/16" key stock and the center block is made from
an aluminum tie-down anchor used on pick-up trucks. "