Sporadic Reflections

08 June 2007

Expanded Electromagnetic Spectrum Chart

A very interesting Electromagnetic Spectrum Chart.

I always wondered what happened to the Aether.

07 June 2007

FDIM Potluck Winner

The FDIM Potluck Contest was a challenge to build "something"
with a bag of fairly common parts kitted by Diz, W8DIZ of kitsandparts.com.

NT7S created a 40M CW transceiver of very impressive specification
with this $25 bag of parts. His description of the project can be found
here: FDIM Potluck Winner

The original QRP-L announcement of the contest:
[QRP-L] FDIM 2007 Design/Building Contest

Some very interesting schematics and a spreadsheet of the parts
allowed in the Potluck challenge can be found at the Potluck Repository.