Sporadic Reflections

18 May 2007

Bothy Bags

I recently received a link to SOTA videos on YouTube.


SOTA stands for Summits on the Air, and the videos are
quite interesting and the Hams who activate some of these
summits are very intrepid. One of the videos contained a
term that was unfamiliar. What is a Bothy Bag?

A bothy bag is a sort of survival bag or group shelter.

Bothy on Wikipedia

A survival bag of this sort would be excellent for your go bag,
for any time or place, where the weather might surprise you.
For instance, on the Appalachian Trail. Something the Ninja QRPer,
WB3AAL might need.

12 May 2007

Low-cost Band Pass Filters

At Thursday night's AARC meeting, Tim Ikeda, KA1OS brought a
printed copy of this neat article from NVARC on a do-it-yourself
scheme for low cost band pass filters.

The NVARC “Ugly” Filter Project

They look like just the ticket for avoiding interference between
multiple stations at Field Day.

02 May 2007

Cutting Formulas Considered Harmful

W4RNL, L.E. Cebik goes full tilt at those magic numbers
we have all seen for cutting common wire aerials to length.

Blunting the Edge of Cutting Formulas