Sporadic Reflections

14 April 2007

“Reflections”, by Walter Maxwell

At the Antenna Modeling presentation, WA1JXR mentioned that the
book "Reflections" by Walter Maxwell, W2DU was available on-line.
There are several sources of material from "Reflections".

For a very brief summary, you might want to start with the review [PDF]
on W8KEA's web site. (A very brief summary: High SWR is not so bad;
high SWR and coax is very bad.)

Walter Maxwell's site, Home of the Reflections Series contains
many chapters from the books. Apparently "Reflections 2" is out
of print and a new version "Reflections 3" is being prepared.

The ARRL has a collection of "Reflections" articles that appeared in QST.
They are available in the members-only section: Another Look at Reflections [PDF]
A related QST article by Steve Ford, WB8IMY is The SWR Obsession [PDF] is
not restricted to members-only.


12 April 2007

Antenna Modeling

Tonight I went to a presentation on Antenna Modeling
by Greg Algieri, WA1JXR at the April meeting of the
Algonquin Amateur Radio Club.

The presentation led you to believe that it doesn't take
a "Rocket Scientist" to do antenna modeling with EZNEC.
(An on-line Antenna Modeling presentation by WA1JXR}

EZNEC Antenna Software
- free demo software
NEC software for Mac OS
MMANA Antenna Modeling Program Tutorial
Antenna Modeling with L. B. Cebik, W4RNL
Cebik on Some Antenna Modeling Programs

10 April 2007

MOXON Antenna Project

Wow! I don't know how I missed this one for so long.
I have long been interested in M3KXZ, Pete Millis's experiments
with a vertical Moxon set up at the beach.

The MOXON Antenna Project site is chock full of design and
construction information and the experience of quite a number of hams.


04 April 2007

Atlanticon 2007

Atlanticon is the best bargain in Amateur Radio.
The registration fee is traditionally $10. When you
register, you are sent a kit to build for the conference
that is worth more than $10. So once you register, you
are ahead of the game.

Attendance was down this year (approximately 110), but everyone
who showed up had a great time. Since there are already excellent
posts covering all of this year's Atlanticon,
I will refer you to them:

George Heron is one of the NJQRP leaders who helps
create Atlanticon every year. Here is his recap.

K3OQ did a good job blogging this year's Atlanticon.
See his blog, starting with Friday night.

There are two things that I didn't see covered anywhere else.

First is the jewel-like Manhattan construction of Larry Przyborowski, K3PEG.
Larry has developed a technique of using elaborate layout drawings
that he glues to the copper pcb substrate and then does the Manhattan
construction on top of the drawing. You can't get a true idea of
how pretty the results are from a photo.

You've probably heard the expression: "When life hands you lemons,
make lemonade". Well, the NJQRP suffered a glitch on the first production
run of boards for the Rookey Kit, which was the 2007 Atlanticon kit.
The rev. 1 boards were produced without a ground plane. After some
consideration, the NJQRP team turned these "worthless" boards into
the "lemonade kit" which were on sale at Atlanticon. They created a
Koch style Morse Code trainer using the bad boards, some extra wire runs
and the PicAxe microprocessor. Brilliant!
(Joe Everhart on the "lemonade" project.)

Try not to miss Atlanticon 2008.