Sporadic Reflections

07 March 2007

BITX Construction Notes

Several items of good news on the BITX front:

Doug Hendricks of qrpkits.com is planning a kit version
of the BITX20.

Leonard, KC0WOX has made several very interesting
videos of the test and debugging process for a BITX20
he is building. They are available at:

Arv Evans, K7HKL who has contributed many postings
on the BITX Yahoo group is blogging his construction
of one of Doug Hendricks's prototype kits.

Sunil, VU3SUA has started a shared blog, CQ BITX,
so builders can share their experiences building
the BITX.

06 March 2007

Electroluminescent Receiver

I have had my eye on the "The Electroluminescent Receiver Kit"
for quite some time. The kit was mentioned on the Mail Bag
section of SolderSmoke #48, the most recent edition.

The kit is interesting because it results in a high performance
receiver that uses large printed circuit boards for those tired eyes.
"The interconnections are infrared and there are 21 functional
LEDs that add to the circuit, not just tell you when it's on."
I recently came across KC5WA's site, where he is documenting
his build of the Electroluminescent Receiver. He also documents
a variant he calls the Super Luminescent Receiver.

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