Sporadic Reflections

16 February 2007

The Perfect QRP Enclosure

While poking around the NJQRP web site, I found
this page: The Perfect QRP Enclosures.
The picture of four stacked projects in the LMB #139,
certainly looks very handsome. Hard to do that with
Altoids tins.

Another enclosure I really like is the Crown Royal
series. The CR-425 is the perfect fit for the Rockmite.
The CR-531 is the same form factor as the LMB #139.

All of these enclosures are available from Mouser.
Mouser part numbers: 537-CR-425, 537-CR-531, and 537-139-P.

08 February 2007

VK5JST Aerial Analyser

This is a very nifty kit antenna analyzer from Australia
at a very attractive price compared to $300+ for most such devices.
Getting it from Australia is a bit of a pain. A good kit for NEQRP?

eHam Reviews
Australian club that is currently kitting the analyzer

Note: The A$ 140 price is better than it looks due to the exchange rate.