Sporadic Reflections

29 January 2007

NJQRP Resource Page

Worth a visit:
NJQRP Resource Page

12 January 2007

Amateur Logic, Cantenna, Cool-Amp

Tonight I was watching episode 3 (an old episode) of Amateur Logic TV.
The major project of the episode is what they call an "active cantenna"
for Wi-Fi. A clever part of the design is to use a Wi-Fi card/transmitter
mounted in an Altoids tin right on the antenna.

Cantenna design info
Wi-Fi antenna shootout

The driven element is a copper nail. To protect the copper
from corrosion they use the nifty silver plating powder from Cool-Amp.

07 January 2007

Grenade xmtr & Pirate Radio

While googling for KK7B (one of the EMRFD heroes),
I came across this site:
"Radio QRP - The Art of Low Power and Clandestine Operations"
(this site has currently exceeded its quotas.)

Apparently there is an intersection between the worlds
of QRP and Pirate Radio. The site describes an interesting
10 watt AM transmitter. (KK7B really has nothing to do
with the Grenade transmitter or Pirate Radio.)

An alternative site with the same Grenade transmitter info.

Other related sites:
The Grenade Project
Grenade Radio
Pirate Radio Explosion