Sporadic Reflections

04 April 2007

Atlanticon 2007

Atlanticon is the best bargain in Amateur Radio.
The registration fee is traditionally $10. When you
register, you are sent a kit to build for the conference
that is worth more than $10. So once you register, you
are ahead of the game.

Attendance was down this year (approximately 110), but everyone
who showed up had a great time. Since there are already excellent
posts covering all of this year's Atlanticon,
I will refer you to them:

George Heron is one of the NJQRP leaders who helps
create Atlanticon every year. Here is his recap.

K3OQ did a good job blogging this year's Atlanticon.
See his blog, starting with Friday night.

There are two things that I didn't see covered anywhere else.

First is the jewel-like Manhattan construction of Larry Przyborowski, K3PEG.
Larry has developed a technique of using elaborate layout drawings
that he glues to the copper pcb substrate and then does the Manhattan
construction on top of the drawing. You can't get a true idea of
how pretty the results are from a photo.

You've probably heard the expression: "When life hands you lemons,
make lemonade". Well, the NJQRP suffered a glitch on the first production
run of boards for the Rookey Kit, which was the 2007 Atlanticon kit.
The rev. 1 boards were produced without a ground plane. After some
consideration, the NJQRP team turned these "worthless" boards into
the "lemonade kit" which were on sale at Atlanticon. They created a
Koch style Morse Code trainer using the bad boards, some extra wire runs
and the PicAxe microprocessor. Brilliant!
(Joe Everhart on the "lemonade" project.)

Try not to miss Atlanticon 2008.