Sporadic Reflections

25 October 2006

Fox Delta Kits

Fox Delta Amateur Radio Projects & Kits
is a web site offering kits designed by VU2FD, Dinesh.
He has a number of interesting kits and they seem to be a good value.

I ordered a soundcard interface for digital modes and
a PIC programmer for 18Fxxx microprocessors.

The kits arrived in 12 days from date of order via IndiaPost/U.S. snail mail.

24 October 2006

International Morse Code - The Navy Way

While perusing WB3GCK's web site, I came across this great
Morse code web page. It contains instructions "from a training manual used by U.S. Navy enlisted personnel studying for advancement to the rates of Radioman 3rd Class and Radioman 2nd Class".

One interesting aspect is that it suggests another radioman should send you
code with 20 wpm characters with a lot of space between characters and
then gradually reduce the amount of space.

16 October 2006

Harold Beverage Redux

Just came across AA3PX's nice Harold Beverage page.
It contains some nice photos and links to two interviews
and a list of Beverage's patents.

10 October 2006

BITX 20 - Farhan Interviews

The SolderSmoke guys have done a great interview with Farhan,
the designer of the BITX 20.

Earlier CNN interview:
(I had better luck downloading the files and then listening to them.)

03 October 2006

ARRL Homebrew Challenge

In the August QST, the ARRL announced a design challenge to foster the
development of a low cost homebrew HF rig.

After some feedback, they have revised the challenge.
The new rules are in the October QST and they now have
a web page for the ARRL Homebrew Challenge.

The new rules introduce a separate category for a computer
aided rig (perhaps a Software Defined Radio like the SoftRock-40.)

There wil be separate $100 prizes for a stand-alone rig
and for a "Computer Operated" rig.