Sporadic Reflections

07 November 2006

K6MAM Morse Trainer, Martin Minow

W3HF, Steve Melachrinos annnounced on the SolidCpyCw list
that his son had passed the Element 1 Morse code test.

He mentioned that his son had used the K6MAM Morse practice applet.
This applet is a nice Koch morse trainer similar to early versions
of the G4FON Koch Trainer for Windows. It doesn't have all the
bells and whistles of the later versions of G4FON's program but it
has all the features you need to learn Morse code and improve your copy speed.
And since it is a Java applet, it will run on many platforms that support Java.

Steve's page for the Morse applet reveals that the applet was written by
Martin Minow, K6MAM (SK). I met Martin around 1980-81 at the "Mill"
in Maynard, MA. Martin was the keeper of the flame for DECUS C.
I had just been loaned a Digital PDT-11/150 and needed a C compiler
to run on it. Martin was very helpful and I experienced the joy of compiling
C on a dual floppy machine with no hard drive.

Martin went on to be a dveloper for Apple and wrote several articles
for develop - The Apple Technical Journal.

Sadly, Martin was taken from us too early but Jon Callas has mirrored
Martin's last web site where you can learn more about him and find
some useful software.