Sporadic Reflections

26 September 2006


I think the Scandinavians have been holding out on us.
While perusing a discussion of SMT vs. through-hole construction
on the softrock40 list, I came across this:

"Here in Sweden we have successfully offered a QRP-rig-kit
with 90% SMD:s to be used."

???? What QRP-rig-kit is he talking about?

I think I have found it: QROlle QRP-Transceiver
(The page is now in English and describes the follow-on
to QROlle - QROlle Next Generation. Swedish pages
describing QROlle Classic are still available.)

The only English description I found was this (from LA5EKA's site):
"QROlle 20 and 80 meter SSB/Digimodes QRP project. Very nice setup. CW is possible. Page is in swedish."

Being a little twisted, the name of this rig reminded of the Ole and Lena jokes.
Some more Ole and Lena