Sporadic Reflections

22 September 2006


I have heard Olivia mentioned recently, so I decided to do some research.
Olivia is a new amater radio digital mode. To quote the originator:
Olivia "is a hybrid of MFSK and a FEC (Forward Error Correcting) code based on Walsh functions. I named this new mode “Olivia”, which is as well the name of my daughter."

It was developed as a mode for weak signal QSOs.

There are executables for Cygwin + Windows and for Linux.
N1SU has tips on setting up the Windows version.
No open source at this point. MixW version 2 .17 supports Olivia with a plug-in.

There is a Quicktime recording of Olivia on G4UCJ's digital modes page.
Olivia sounds cool and has a unique look in the waterfall.

Frequencies and more info

Olivia MFSK on Wikipedia