Sporadic Reflections

30 August 2006

ARRL Design Challenge & the BITX 20

In the August issue of QST, the ARRL issued a design
challenge for an SSB transceiver that could be built
for $50 with commonly available parts.

A young engineer from India, Ashhar Farhan, has designed
a transceiver that seems to fit most of the criteria, the BITX 20.
It has an interesting history and an active following.
The claim is that it can be built in India from surplus parts
for 300 Rupees (equivalent to $8). Based on EMRFD receiver design
and transmitter added with consultation with W7ZOI.
A bagful or 3904s and 4148s provides most of the silicon.
The inductors are wound on tap (faucet) washers in the original design.